What is VSV Investor Bootcamp?

    VSV Investor Bootcamp program is designed to provide and share skills, experiences and lessons from nearly 5 years of operation of Vietnam Silicon Valley Project.


    The curriculum of VSV Investor Bootcamp is a combination between lectures and group discussions to ensure that program knowledge is clearly understand. VSV can consult for enterprise or investor separately on their specific demand after the program.

    Why does VSV organize VSV Investor Bootcamp ?

    VSV wants to share experience in forming up Startup Ecosystem as well as VSV-Accelerator model including seed fund into Startup for mentors, investors and incubators in Vietnam. The program will provide knowledge, skills and network for participants to gain steady foundation when giving support and investment to Startup or install accelerator and/or ecosystem for your organization.


    Upgrading investors, mentors and incubators mean leveraging Startups. Startups will receive support and consultancy effectively and will be able to call seed fund easily, then to reduce the failure of such kind of enterprise, contributing reach the Government target of 1 Million effective enterprise to the year 2020.


    In VSV Investor Bootcamp Programs ever done, participants were directors or managers of profitable and non-profit enterprises, business incubators, government agencies, universities and investors.​

    Policy makers

    Policy makers, responsible persons who in charged in researching, proposing and promulgating the supporting policies to Startup Ecosystem.


    Potential investors who want to expand investment into startup. Professional investors with demand to increase the efficiency of their investments.

    Accelerator / Incubators

    Director/ manager/ coordinator of start-up training program looking for a strategy, a new

    development model which creates breakthrough growth for the startups of their



    Mentors and individuals/organizations who in charged in implementation startup program in their organization (state agencies, universities, enterprises, incubators, etc).


    After the program, participants will expand their network with the most important components of the Startup Ecosystem. With receiving knowledge and skills, participants will be able perform their duties:

    Policy makers

    Policy makers have an ability to build legal frameworks, support programs that closely match the characteristics of Startup and other components of the Startup Ecosystem.

    Investors / Mentors

    Investors, mentors can assess the potential of an investment and make optimal decision when investing in startups.

    Manager of incubators

    Manager of incubators can design the Business Accelerator model with available resources, build investors and mentors network for startups in their organization.


    Individuals, organizations and universities who have duty to implement startup program within an organization can design a lean program that helps startups develop a suitable development strategy and model that drives breakthrough growth.


    The curriculum of VSV Investor Bootcamp is divided into 10 main topics. Each topic is a combination between one/multi workshops and group discussions.

    Day 1


    Morning: Startup Ecosystem.

    Afternoon: The Expectation of Startup Investing.

    Day 2


    Morning: Startup - Startup vs SME

    Afternoon: Innovation in Business - Importance & Best Practices.

    Day 3


    Morning: Busiess Model Canvas.

    Afternoon: Startup Selection: How Investors Can Identify Wining Team?

    Day 4


    Morning: Business Accelerator Model.

    Afternoon: How To Grow Your Startup.

    Day 5


    Morning: Minimize Risk In Venture Capital.

    Afternoon: Fundraising For Your Startup.


    VSV CEO – Mrs. Thach Le Anh will be responsible for the main training in the program. Throughout the program, she will select the advisors, national and international experts within the VSV network to support the trainees.

    Mrs. Thach Le Anh

    CEO of Vietnam Silicon Valley project

    Mrs. Thach Le Anh is an entrepreneur, angel investor and experienced expert in Startup. She was honored as a pioneer in researching and operating the model of Business Accelerator in Vietnam. She has designed the overall details of the entire Vietnam Silicon Valley Project and has been a major factor in the success of the Project over the past five years. She is also a major contributor to the strategic planning of Project 844/QD-TTg, approved by the Prime Minister on May 18, 2016 – the first national level project for supporting startup and is appointed as a member of the project executive committee.
    She has more than 20 years of extensive experiences in managing company, market research and development, commercialization of technology as well as leadership skills. Startups under mentoring of Ms. Le Anh have built sustainable business model and been recognized by successfully raising venture capital with multi-millions dollars valuation. Featured startups include: Lozi, TechElite, Schoolbus, Ship60, etc.

    She has a MBA degree from the Southern California University USA. She received a scholarship from the Newton Fund to participate Innovation Fellows Leadership training at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford (UK).

    Mr. Peter Relan

    CEO of GotIt

    Mr. Peter Relan serves as Management Advisor of 123Signup AMS, Inc. Mr. Relan is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Studio 9+ LLC. Mr. Relan is the Co-Founder of CrowdStar, Inc. and serves as its Chairman. He founded Youweb in 2006 and serves as its Chairman. He is a Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Spaceport.io Inc. He is also Co-Founder of Pluto and Agawi. He has been involved in the Internet as an ArpaNet research engineer since 1983 even before the Web came along. He co-founded Business Signatures Corporation in 2001 and also serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of CrowdStar, Inc. Prior to founding Business Signatures in 2001, he was the Founding Chief Technology Officer at Webvan Group for two years. He was recruited by Sequoia and Benchmark Capital to become the founding Chief Technology Officer at Webvan. . He has been actively involved in angel investments and Advisory Boards for over 10 years, including ZipPay, X.Com, Scient, FastForward Networks, Billeo, OpenFeint (Co-founder), Sibbingz, iSwifter and CytoBank in their early stages. He was a Co-Author, with Carl Sunshine inventor of the TCP connection handshake, of a seminal paper on Network Management published in ACM SigComm in 1987. He has experience related to startups and big companies, technical and business, research and commercial, investor and entrepreneur, consumer and enterprise. He has 25 years of technology, executive management and serial entrepreneurship experience. He serves as Member of Advisory Board at SmartCloud Infotech Pvt Ltd. Mr. Relan received an M.S. in Engineering Management from Stanford University in 1992, where he graduated as a Hewlett Packard Resident Fellow and a B.S. in Computer Science from UCLA.

    Mr. Warren Cammack

    Head of Innovation, Vienam International Bank & General Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Warren is responsible for designing and executing the roadmap that will lead to VIB becoming Viet Nam’s most innovative and customer centric bank. VIB has released the country’s finest native mobile app, the first apple watch app in Vietnam, social media recruitment, instant account opening and a new website that provides a much richer experience for customers. All of the new products have been designed ground up using customer-centric design methods.

    Warren has more than 15 years experience working in digital roles, 11 of which have been in financial services. His career has combined working for large corporates, public sector, SME and start-up organizations. Prior to his secondment to VIB, Warren was at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia leading an innovation team that evaluated, proposed and executed new concepts to drive the Bank’s vision to be a global innovation leader.

    Warren is also the COO of ditno, a cyber-security firm which after 18 months of public launch was valued at $7M. Warren holds a bachelors of Computing & Management from the University of Leeds, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has had extensive professional training including courses at MIT.

    Mr. Do Quoc Hiep

    Former VP, IDG Ventures Vietnam & CEO of DataFirst

    Mr. Hiep is an successful entrepreneur and angel investor with deep operational background, deep understanding of local insight, strong logical and analytic sense.

    Prior to IDG Ventures, Mr. Hiep worked for more than 12 years in the telecommunications industry, in a variety of multi-cultural environments. He was involved in major projects in all the companies he worked with, as a Key Account Manager or Project Manager. Hiep was Business Development Manager at Ericsson International AB and Head of the International Relations Department at Saigon Postel Corp. He created and managed two private companies in Vietnam before joining IDGVV. During his time at IDGVV, Hiep joined the founding of YANTV, a leading music TV cable channel in Vietnam, and actively manages its daily operation.

    Currently, he is now the investor and founder of Homefinder.vn & Datafirst.vn

    Mr. Nguyen Francis Tuan Anh

    Develop Experience Leader of Microsoft Corporation

    Francis holds over 20 years of experience in software development and management in both the United States and Vietnam. He has been a part of three successful Silicon Valley startups and has even built a number of startups himself in Vietnam.

    In 2012, Francis joined Microsoft Vietnam’s Developer Experience (DX) and Evangelism team as the Chief Evangelist to help increase awareness and technical capabilities for Microsoft products and services. In 2015, he formed the first Microsoft Accelerator in Vietnam in partnership with CLAS (Microsoft BizSpark Plus Network Partner) and Expara (Singaporean Entrepreneurship Training and VC company) to transition Vietnamese startups to the next level.

    This year, Francis launched the Microsoft Health Innovation Lab (HIL). HIL links companies in the field of Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Healthcare Services and Diagnostics. It also provides access to technologies, entrepreneurship training and venture capital funding to meet the healthcare demand in Vietnam.

    Mr. Nguyen Vu Thang

    Country Business Group Leader of Microsoft Corporation

    Mr. Thang has a demonstrated history of working in the IT software & services industry. He has a lot of experience in Entrepreneurial Marketing, Licensing and Pricing, Deal Structuring and Negotiation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Data Analytics. Strong professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Technology Entrepreneurship from University College London, U. of London.

    Mr. Linh Han

    CEO of Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator

    Mr. Linh Han co-founded and leads VSV Accelerator which invest, accelerated and mentor over 40 startups in Vietnam since 2014. VSV Accelerator is the first of its kind in Vietnam with up-and-coming startup in its portfolio such as Lozi.vn, TechElite, SchoolBus.vn... VSV Accelerator’s portfolio grew 4.5x in value since its inception. Linh has a background in Business Administration and Economics, he also served at Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) Project Executive Coordinator since June 2013. VSV is the first initiative from the Vietnam Government to target and support startups and venture investors in Vietnam. With its initial success, VSV Project has been extended till 2020 by the Prime Minister. He received Bachelor of Business and Economic from University of Kent, UK.

    Mr. Gibs Song

    Venture Partner of Big Basin Capital

    Mr. Gibs Song is an advisor of Big Basin Capital, a Silicon Valley based early stage venture capital. Gibs stepped down as a partner when he moved to Vietnam in 2015.

    Prior to joining Big Basin Capital in 2013, Gibs has worked in universities, startups and global companies in four different countries. Gibs was Director of US Operations for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and served as executive advisor to Cheil Industries (a Samsung company) since 2009 and Palo Alto Research Center (a Xerox company) since 2010.

    Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan

    Lawyer of Baker McKenzie Vietnam

    Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan is an IP Executive of BMVN, advises primarily on both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property and has experience advising companies on operational matters. Prior to joining BMVN, Tuan worked for a leading multinational fast-moving consumer goods company in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.


    To get more information and consultancy from VSV, please contact via:

    VSV Corner, 7 th Floor, 24-26 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi.
    7:00 - 19:00